Barbara Bry had her very own, “Let them eat cake,” moment.

Barbara Bry’s solution to scooters cluttering sidewalks is… leave them in the street.

2020 Mayoral candidate Barbara Bry had her very own “Let them eat cake” moment at a community event last week. While addressing the Bird scooter issue, a rep from her office said Bry’s idea is to allow people to leave scooters in streets, rather than on sidewalks.

Barbara Bry is the current San Diego City Council District 1 representative and mayoral hopeful. She announced her 2020 bid for San Diego Mayor – a seat currently held by termed-out Republican Kevin Faulcner – on January 2nd, 2019.

Voters experience election years every other year, but for candidates and the people who work in politics, every season is campaign season. This means candidates have met or are meeting with consultants to discuss the likelihood of a win, announcing campaigns, assembling their team and crafting their platform.

The strategies are developed by staffers and spoken by candidates, so no matter how trivial the scooter problem may seem, it’s a message that has been created by a team with a strategy. All this to say that if a candidate for mayor is speaking about the scooter issue shortly after announcing her bid, it’s because the issue matters to her constituents.  

Last year, the scooter issue came up a lot with city council candidates. When polled, the constituency indicated that scooters were on the short list of important issues.

Some people have voiced concerns with things such as the scooters’ speed and the cluttering of sidewalks, which means potential candidates have to come up with practical solutions. Scooters are new – they have only been prevalent in the community for the last year, so politicians and the public are still adjusting to their impact on the city.

The loudest members of the community get the most attention, so there will likely be some sort of regulation applied to scooters. However, Bry’s solution was poorly thought out, with her rep being forced to admit they, “hadn’t considered the effect on bike lanes.” He didn’t go into further detail.

Bicyclists might be unhappy, but at least pedestrians will gain slightly more sidewalk space.